Well hello world! I’m Jason Cook, creator of Blake Undying and I’m here to welcome you to our brand new home on the interwebs. In addition to our Facebook page and Twitter account, our homepage will be a source of indepth information into the world and storyline behind Blake Undying. As new issues are released, we’ll continue to update sections here to include backgrounds on new characters and organizations, with spoiler tags to avoid enraging everyone. On the credits page, you’ll see the brooding pictures of the overly dramatic art team, and read a highly sanitized description of their accomplishments!

And finally, you can sign up for the Blake Undying newsletter where we can keep you up to date on new additions, and provide details about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign to ensure that Blake Undying continues to be produced. For those of you who were with us since 2008, you’ll know that I have a five year plan and a dozen or so scripts fully written just waiting for artwork. So as long as you continue to support us we’ll have stories to tell, and we won’t stop until some really crazy shit happens.

Seriously, I explained it to my girlfriend once and she lost her mind. Of course, I made sure that she was really drunk when I did so I’m pretty sure she doesn’t remember at all.

Behind the scenes we’re working on building a storefront where you can buy all the latest issues (and eventually trade paperbacks) of Blake Undying, as well as some spiffy merch with all the new logos on them. All the new logos you ask? Oh yes, there are some fancy new things on the horizon. I mean, come on… doesn’t everybody want a SyncGrove t-shirt?

And of course we have other adaptations in the early stages of development behind closed doors, so who knows what tomorrow will bring. The main takeaway is that the future looks good for Blake Undying. Not for Blake though, that guy’s screwed.