400 followers! Thanks to everyone who has followed the Blake Undying Facebook page, from those who’ve been with us since 2008, to those who have just discovered the series today. It has been an exciting few weeks since we’ve begun working publicly towards the re-launch, and there’s a lot more to come before the October Kickstarter campaign. So I’m hoping this is only the beginning, but I want you to know on behalf of the team that we greatly appreciate all the fantastic feedback that we’ve received on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and other platforms like real life.

As we get closer to the Kickstarter launch, it becomes even more important to us that you help show your support by sharing BLAKE UNDYING #1 with your friends and fellow comic lovers, and spread the word about our tiny independent production. You are our first fans, and in a very real way our ambassadors to carry the message out into the world. The Blake Undying team is only just getting started, and we’re very grateful for your support.

In the meantime, I’d promised a sneak peek at BLAKE UNDYING #3 “Nikki”, and here are a few more pages (presented without dialogue to prevent spoilers). Seeing Ezequiel’s early work on this issue convinced me that we needed an extra four pages to let him flex his talents, and also made me consider possibly releasing the black and white version as well. What do you think?