Blake Undying on Kickstarter 150% Funded in 12 Hours

Wow, this has been a roller coaster. I’ve been planning some interesting stretch goals and add-ons for the coming weeks thinking that we’d have trouble reaching our goal in 30 days, since we are a new property and this is our first Kickstarter. I am exceedingly happy to have been proven incorrect. Thanks to everyone who has helped by sharing BLAKE UNDYING with their friends and family and making this campaign a success, but now is not the time to relent! The more people who know about BLAKE UNDYING the more likely we’ll be able to tell the whole story. It’s a five year plan after all, so we’ve only just started laying the groundwork for the twists that are yet to come.

Follow this link to reach the campaign, and share the link on social media. Especially if you back it! Use those handy social media buttons to tweet out your support, or post on your Facebook wall. Nothing helps us more than a word of mouth endorsement from someone who has already boarded this crazy train.

We’ll have more news to share about the campaign as we go, and we’ll talk a little about our plans for the future. All the really good stuff will go out in the backers only emails though, so if you were wondering if I am above invoking your FOMO… I’m not. I’m shamelessly not. Seriously though, I’m incredibly proud of my team, and the work we’re doing, and so glad that I finally get to share it with everyone. Its going to be a hell of a ride, folks. I can’t wait.