Jason Cook, Creator / Writer

Jason Cook

Creator / Writer

Since a small child, Jason Cook has been a wise-ass, and has only recently managed to monetize that talent. Blake Undying is the culmination of his life’s work, and is likely the most effective therapy he can ever hope to receive. All criticisms are welcomed and will be given the consideration they deserve.

Ezequiel Rubio, Art / Inks

Ezequiel Rubio

Artist / Inks

Ezequiel Rubio is a cartoonist. He’s worked freelance, making posters, cover designs, flyers, storyboards and concept art for audiovisual projects. Now he works primarily as a comic book artist, and in 2020 he has published his first comic as a complete author, Ray.

Jovanna Plata


Illustrator and comic book colorist from Mexico City. Film and video games have been a great influence and inspiration in her work. Her favorite genre is horror, but in her free time she enjoys watching all kinds of series and movies.

Seb Valencia, Inker

Sebastian Valencia

Artist / Inks

Rediscovered his passion for comics after 10 years working in advertising and digital media, Sebastian Valencia often works as a colorist and letterer for Pilot Studios on titles such as Carriers, Zion Wars, and many others. For the past year he’s been working as an artist on titles such as Tales from the CthulhuVerse and Lady Lovecraft for Mythx Media, short stories for Hyper Epics, Frequency Comics and Beetle Reich graphic novel.