Blake Carson


Blake Carson has had better days. Constantly enraged by the rampant corruption, hypocrisy, greed, and hatred in the world, it’s not hard to see why he has a dim view of people. A failed journalist, stuck in a dead end job, living in apartment that he can’t afford, and unwilling to move because it’s his last tie to the woman no longer in his life. Oh, and he just found out that he can’t die.

So there’s that.

Cassidy Monroe


Cassidy Monroe is the Catherine to Blake’s Heathcliff, with all the implications that analogy carries. They are meant to be together. They can never be together. If Blake were a comet, she would be the star that he orbits, drawing out his brilliance in the warmth of her embrace, all the while slowly destroying him. She still loves Blake on a certain level, but knows that she must move on.


Jeffrey Christopher Albright has been in Blake’s orbit since high school, where they usually ended up at the same parties. When Blake hit a wall in his career and was desperate for money, Jeff got him a job at SyncGrove to tide him over, collecting a referral fee for his ‘favor’. Jeff’s relationship with Blake is difficult to quantify, basically boiling down to Jeff absorbs Blake’s abuse, and Blake in turn tolerates his presence. Sadly, Jeff is probably the closest thing Blake has to a friend.

Dr. Kristofer Wallick

Dr. Wallick

Dr. Kristopher Wallick has been Blake’s physician since he was in middle school. He is a no-nonsense doctor, with a bedside manner best described as… abrupt. He has seen far too many people die to become emotionally invested in his patients any more. When Blake came to him about his condition, nothing in his forty years of medicine had prepared him for that moment. Now he has been drawn into a world with which he has no experience, where everything he knows about medicine has been called into question. The pursuit of a solution has reignited some of his old fire, with the possibility of the greatest medical discovery in human history dancing just out of his reach. Blake is finally more than just a patient to him. Blake is hope.

David H. Craven

David H. Craven

David H. Craven, Esq. is the Editor in Chief of the National Infiltrator, and Blake’s former boss. Smarmy and charismatic, he has a genuine affection for Blake and believes in his talents. Of course the fact that Blake’s talent for writing inflammatory articles makes for a huge sales boost doesn’t hurt either. Blake has an open offer from Craven to contribute articles as a freelancer whenever he wants, and it’s always a struggle at month’s end for Blake to chose integrity over rent money. On some levels, Blake wonders if this is why Craven keeps making the offer.



Should never have listened to his brother. Probably won’t amount to anything. Who the hell names their kid Murray anymore, anyway?



Lee is an eldritch terror who has torn through into our reality from a dimension of unspeakable abominations. Wearing the skin of a man, he walks among us, preying on the minds of the complacent.